Commercial Roofing Information For Business Leaders


Commercial roofing is a part of your business's building that you may not always give the level of attention that it needs. More specifically, business leaders can make a series of critical mistakes that could greatly increase the chances of their business's roof suffering a problem that could result in the need for major repairs to the building and even potentially the closure of the business until this work is done.

11 December 2020

Three Things That Can Affect A Roofing Budget


There are many factors that can affect the cost of a new residential roof. The following are three main factors that can increase the cost of your new roof installation. 1. Contingencies Before you receive a quote, any quality roofer will do a full inspection of both the outside of the roof and the underside. Even with a full inspection, there are sometimes contingencies that come up that simply couldn't be determined during the initial check.

18 November 2020

How to Check the Certification of Your Roofer


As you prepare to have renovations or remodeling done on your roof, you will begin to see a need for a certified contractor. You may already understand the importance of certification for your roofer. You know that your warranty may be voided if you do not use a certified contractor. You may also have an issue with making further claims to your insurance company if damage occurs. What you may not know is how to check your roofer's background for certification.

20 October 2020