How to Check the Certification of Your Roofer


As you prepare to have renovations or remodeling done on your roof, you will begin to see a need for a certified contractor. You may already understand the importance of certification for your roofer. You know that your warranty may be voided if you do not use a certified contractor. You may also have an issue with making further claims to your insurance company if damage occurs. What you may not know is how to check your roofer's background for certification. Here are a few ways you can use to ensure the certification is present.

Name Search

The easiest way to determine if you are working with a certified roofer is to do a simple name search. Most states have their own certification option for roofers and other contractors. In some cases, your roofer may state they have a national certification of some kind. Go to the site of the organization your roofer says they hold a certification with. The site should have a name search option. Enter in your contractor's name to verify their certification, the date of certification, and any information the site may hold for the contractor.

Phone Number Search

In some states, you can search by phone number. This is usually the business phone number for the contractor. This is not as reliable as the name search but can produce quick results if you are dealing with just a roofing company name rather than the actual contractor name. If the roofer is certified and used their business number as a point of contact, you should be able to see their information just as you would with a name search on the site.

Licensing Number

You may find a contractor that lists themselves as a certified roofer on their business signage. You can take the license number listed and use it on the certification website. The number should produce the contractor's name, the business name if applicable, and the phone number. This is a quick way to confirm that the number is in fact registered and the contractor is certified. You can also use that number to check in other states to ensure nothing is outstanding such as poor work record or unfinished work. This is especially true if you may be dealing with a multi-state license. 

If you have taken some of these steps, and are still unable to verify the certification of your roofer, consider having them provide the proof on the official letterhead from the certification agency. Keep in mind, the certification is something that your roofer should be able to provide easily. If there is too much of a hassle to get the proof you need, consider contacting your local certifying agency and ask for their recommended contractor list. To learn more, contact certified roofing companies like JC Roofing & Insulating.


20 October 2020

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