The 3 Step Process For Installing An Elastomeric Roof Coating


If you are looking for a coating for your roof, an elastomeric roof coating is one of the more popular commercial roof coating materials you can install on your commercial building. If you have a professional team handle the installation and care of your room, it is a simple task. The installation of an elastomeric coating requires a three-step process.

Clean the Roof Base

The first thing your roofer would need to do is clean the roof surface. The surface needs to be as clean as possible before the coating can be applied. This makes installing the coating at least a two-day process.

The roof will be swept until all the debris is gone. Then, the roof will be hit with a pressure washer to remove all dirt on the roof. Then, the roof will need to dry overnight before the coating is applied to the roof.

Fix Up Any Damage to the Roof Base

The roof doesn't just need to be clean; it also needs to be free of damage. The underlying roof cannot have any cracks, holes, or divots in it. The underlying roofing material will have to be patched, and all issues taken care of prior to the coating. For any structural issues, such as fasteners and seams on the roof, they will be coated with a special material to ensure they are water tight.

This step is kind of like painting a wall; the surface needs to be prepared and taken care of for the coating to really stick to the surface.

Spray or Roll on the Elastomeric Roof Coating

Once the roof is prepared for the coating, the application process for the coating is simple. Elastomeric coating can literally just be rolled onto the surface of the roof just like you were painting a wall. Large roller brushes can be used to apply the coating to the roof.

If the roof is big, your contractor may spray the coating onto the roof instead of using brushes to apply the coating. Usually the contractor will determine which method is the most time-efficient based on the size and shape of your roof.

An elastomeric coating will make your roof very sturdy and durable. It is a great coating to add to your commercial roof and is easy for a professional team to quickly and effectively install. As a bonus, the coating will also help lower your heating and cooling bills as well with its reflective surface.

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10 July 2019

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