Solar Panels: 3 Questions Before Installation


The idea of protecting the environment and saving money is very appealing; for that reason, solar panels might interest your family. However, beyond knowing that the panels will absorb sunlight, you may not have any facts about the requirements or process that occurs when you move forward with them. These questions, asked before installation, can inform and explain further so you understand the issues and benefits that arise when using these panels.

How's Your Roof?

Your roof might seem fine to you. However, before installing large panels on it, you need to be absolutely certain. A weak structure that has water damage might require repair before anything is place on it. For that reason, professional assessments about condition are key. You might have to replace shingles, patch wet spots or do other roofing work before it's strong enough to handle solar panels. You might even consider re-roofing or replacing the structure first.

Have You Notified Your City or Township?

Your township is likely to have numerous regulations to be respected during panel installations. These rules are generally not prohibitive, but you do need to know what they are and find out what will affect your particular property. Some townships or cities restrict how much a roof can be covered by any material. If your town does, your panels may need to avoid the roof, instead being mounted on concrete in the yard. Notify your town about your curiosity in solar panels and they'll give you a roadmap to follow.

Are You Eligible for Tax Incentives?

If you're most excited about the way that solar panels can offset tax burdens, ensure that discussions with tax professionals have told you that's what will happen. There are a myriad of strong reasons to use solar power these days, but if you're most interested in the tax benefits, know for sure before having them mounted or installed. Some people don't have a high enough tax bill to make federal kick in, while others are so wealthy that incentives will only make a small dent. Your accountant or a solar panel representative should be able to pinpoint exactly what tax benefits for your family would be.

Harnessing the sun to supply power for your home needs could work well for your family. Understanding more about solar panel installation services can prevent concerns. Have regular talks with solar panel reps and have all your inquiries answered so you can be fully committed to an installation.


20 May 2019

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