A Look at Various Grades of Asphalt Shingles


All asphalt shingles are not equal when it comes to quality and features. It's a good idea to discuss your options with a roofing contractor so you understand the difference between the types of shingles, especially if you live in an area where storms are frequent. Here's a look at some grades of shingles and tips for choosing the right ones for your home.

Builder's Grade Shingles Are the Most Affordable

When it comes to construction materials of any kind, the ones labeled as builder's grade are usually the least expensive stock options. In asphalt shingles, this refers to the popular three-tab shingle. Builder's grade isn't necessarily bad, it's just a way of classifying what you can expect when it comes to longevity and quality. Three-tab asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing options for homeowners due to their low price when compared to other types of roofing. These roofs usually have a shorter warranty and need to be replaced more often than a higher-quality roof, but as long as you know that in advance, you can prepare for the replacement when it's time.

Architectural Shingles Are Thicker & Last Longer

Architectural shingles are made differently than three-tab shingles and they have a different appearance. They have a 3-D look that adds a unique appearance to your home. These shingles are also thicker, so they are more durable, especially against hail strikes. These roofs usually have a longer warranty too. Since these tiles are much heavier than traditional three-tab shingles, it's possible the shingles will be too heavy for your roof if you were planning to add a second layer rather than do a tear off. You'll want to discuss this with your contractor because tearing off your old roof and putting on new architectural shingles will cost more than applying a new layer of three-tab shingles on top of your old roof.

Designer Shingles Are Glamorous & Durable

Designer shingles are a type of architectural shingle that is made to mimic a luxury roofing product such as wood shake or slate that has a particular texture as well as color. These are high-quality shingles that also cost more than a traditional asphalt roof. However, designer shingles add glamour to your home and they have a long life.

In addition to these basic grades of shingles, you can also shop for shingles based on important features such as fire rating when wildfires are a frequent danger, and impact rating when storms and hail are a frequent threat. You can even buy shingles treated to be algae-resistant, which you might like if your old roof was streaked with algae and you want to prevent that on your new shingles. When choosing the right shingles for your home, ask your roofing contractor for advice and then consider your budget, the appearance of the shingles, their expected lifespan, and the additional protection you want them to provide.


24 April 2019

choosing roofing that is beautiful and durable

One thing I never realized about roofing is what a difference it can make in the appearance of a home. The roofing on my home was more than 20 years old before we got around to replacing it. As we were working with our roofing contractor to choose the materials that we wanted to use, I learned quite a bit about the many, many options that we had to consider. Our blog will show you several of the options and provide you with facts about each type of material that you can use. Hopefully, what we have included here will help you choose the roofing that will look and perform the best on your home.