Dealing with Damage to Your Home's Foundation


A lot of things can cause damage to the foundation under your home, but once it starts, letting it go will make it worse. The damage may not be as severe as you think, but if you suspect there is a problem, you need to get a foundation repair contractor to take a look at it.

Inspecting the Foundation

The contractor you are working with will come to your house and take a look at the foundation from many different places and angles.  The contractor is looking for cracks, erosion, and water damage that is causing the concrete to deteriorate. The more damage that is found, the more urgent the repair is. If the foundation is sinking due to settling under the home, the soil needs amending and reinforcing to stop the settling. 

Repairing the Foundation

Once the contractor determines the amount of work that the foundation needs, they will decide how to handle the repair best. For most homes, the contractor is going to have to jack the house off the foundation to remove and replace blocks or pour new footings. The contractor and their crew will place steel I-beams or heavy wooden timbers under the house and slowly lift it with jacks. It does not need to go up much, just enough to take the weight off the foundation. 

Excavating the Foundation

The contractor will dig around the foundation to expose the foundation so they can work form both sides. If the workers are repairing the foundation by replacing blocks, they will need that space to be able to access the grout joints and grind the grout away. Once the blocks are replaced, the contractor will backfill the foundation again, and you will not be able to tell that it was dug up. 

Replacing the Foundation

If the foundation is too far gone to repair it, the contractor will remove the entire foundation while the home is supported on the jacks and build new footings under the house. Once the concrete is poured into the forms and the footings completed, the contractor will either build a new foundation out of cement blocks or pour it out of cement. It can take a little longer to finish the job if the contractor is replacing the entire foundation, but if replacing it is the only way to fix it, the extra time is worth it. Talk to the contractor about what needs replacing or if you have a question about a poured foundation versus a block one. 


13 March 2019

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