3 Signs That You Need To Have Your Roof Replaced


Being a homeowner can be a really good investment, and it can also be a really expensive one. One of the most expensive repairs that you may have to make to your house is repairing or replacing your roof. So, how can you know if it's time that you need to bite the bullet and have your roof replaced? This article will take a closer look at a few things for you as a homeowner to be on the lookout for. 


One of the biggest signs that you need to have your roof replaced is if it starts to leak a little bit. Have you noticed that your ceiling is a bit moist? Or have you experienced an actual large leak coming from your ceiling? If so, then this is a huge sign that you need to have your roof replaced as soon as possible. In some instances, you may just have to have it patched, but if the problem is so bad that you have a leak, then you may just want to have your entire roof professionally replaced by a roof replacement professional. 

Loose Shingles

If you step back and look at your roof, can you see that shingles are starting to peel off? Does it look like they are curling at the edges and might blow off during the next windstorm? If so, then this is another sign that you need to have your roof replaced. If the problem is just one or two shingles, then your roofer may just be able to nail them down, but if there are more than that, then you will likely need to have your entire roof professionally replaced. 

Missing Shingles

If you are outside gardening and notice that you have missing shingles on your front lawn, then you may need to have your roof replaced. Sometimes, when shingles are old, they can get loose and start to blow away. When too many shingles blow away, it can lead to a leak or other roof damage. Luckily, when you have your roof replaced, you won't have to worry about running into any of these problems later on. 

As you can see, there are several signs that you may need to have your roof professionally replaced. To learn more about roof replacement, contact a professional roofer near you and schedule an appointment with them. During your appointment with your roofer, they will do a bid and let you know just how much everything will cost. 


23 December 2018

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