Should You Replace Your Windows Before Winter?


Winter can be one of the most fearsome seasons of the year. Not only does it become extremely cold in some parts of the United States, the freezing temperatures and damp snow can wreak havoc on your home, including your windows. Here are reasons to replace your windows before winter comes. 

How Does the Cold Season Affect Your Windows?

Along with your roof, your windows are the first defenses against cold weather. But if your window glass and frames aren't reliable enough to keep out freezing wind and water, your home could face many issues, including heat loss, mold, and wood rot. 

Decayed wood, cracked window glass, and even deteriorated frames and seals can allow air to leak into home throughout the cold season. If condensation develops on your window glass or frames, it can allow mildew and other fungi to grow inside your house as well. 

If you take steps to replace your old windows before winter arrives, you can keep the issues above from happening to you. 

How Do You Cold-Proof Your Windows?

If your windows aren't too deteriorated, you may be able to repair some of the problems yourself. To detect small air leaks, run a piece of paper or thin cloth along the frames and panes of your windows. If air is leaking through your windows, you should see the paper or cloth gently flutter in your hands. You can seal the leaks you find with waterproof caulk.

For major leaks, you may need to have a roofing contractor inspect and possibly replace your windows. Your window glass might not be sufficient enough to block wind and other cold season hazards. If rain, sleet, or ice forms on your glass, it may make your home feel colder than normal. 

In addition, a company like Charleston Roofs + Windows may be able to install new windows throughout your home, including the windows in your attic or loft. If snow or ice melts on your roof when the weather warms up, water can leak into your attic or loft through the windows. The leaking water can cause significant damage inside and outside your home.

After a roofing specialist replaces your windows, install a dehumidifier in your home to keep condensation from forming on your window glass and frames. Also, report any changes in your windows to a roofer as soon as you notice them. 

You can obtain the window replacement services you need by consulting a roofer today.


27 September 2018

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