4 Tips For Inspecting Commercial Roofs To Ensure Your Business Is Free Of Leaks


Maintenance to the roof of your business is important to prevent leaks that can seriously damage your business. Occasionally inspect the roof of your business and do the needed repairs to prevent leaks and problems. Here are some tips for inspecting commercial roofs to ensure your business is free of leaks and water damage:

1. Different Types of Commercial Roofing Materials and Where They Leak

There are many different types of commercial roofing materials, and where leaks or problems are going to be will be different for each type of material. For example, metal roofing materials mainly leak around fasteners and rubber gaskets, while roofing membranes often leak around the seals where materials overlap.

2. Looking for Problems with Leaks in Areas with Maintenance Access

With any type of commercial roofing materials, areas where maintenance access is necessary are often where leaks start. One of the first things that you will want to do is to look for leaks in these areas to ensure they do not cause problems. Look around areas with penetration due to fasteners that hold mechanical components to the roof of your business. In addition, look at the areas with the highest amount of traffic for signs of wear and leaks.

3. Problems with Leaks Hidden Beneath Old Asphalt Roofing Materials

One of the materials that will have the most problems with leaks is asphalt roofing. On commercial roofs, old asphalt roofing is a layer of tar and gravel. This type of roofing makes it difficult to find the leaks, and you may want to start your search inside your business. Look for areas inside your business that have signs of watermarks and old leaks to locate the area of your roof that is leaking.

4. Finding Leaks in Seams of Modern Roofing Membrane Materials

With commercial membranes, the links are in different areas. For areas with maintenance access and high foot traffic, the leaks may be punctures in the membrane that require patching. With roofing membranes, it is also common for the seams to wear and leaks to begin in these areas, which will require adding new adhesive to the seams and sealing the leaks.

These are some tips to inspect the roof of your business and ensure that leaks do not cause water damage. If you need help with inspection, maintenance, and repairs, contact the commercial roofing contractor to ensure your roof is free of leaks. Companies like Green Gable Roofing can help.


17 September 2018

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