Flat Roof Protection: Questions To Ask


Warehouses, farm sheds, garages and large industrial facilities tend to have roof structures that are flat, unlike many homes. These roofs are generally affordable, more quickly installed and require less maintenance than residential or other commercial buildings. For that reason, they can quietly cover the building interior without notice until damage threatens the interior activities. Answering simple questions like these facilitates faster flat roof solutions.

What's the Age of this Flat Roof?

If you didn't pay to install it yourself and no one on the property remembers, your flat roof can be older than you suspect. That may seem like it doesn't need further attention, especially if you're not seeing anything unusual. However, roofs will only last so long; a re-roofing process or replacement might soon be imminent because the wood is rotting or certain areas are so worn one more storm will damage them. If it's decades old, now's the time to save for possible roofing issues.

When Did Someone Look at and Walk on It?

You might not be the type to scale the building periodically, but perhaps you periodically enlist a worker or manager to venture up with a ladder to survey the structure. If not, that's a practice which must begin. Fixing problems before they're severe is better done when someone can actually see what those problems entail. Even better is a walking tour around the structure, but that can be dangerous if not knowledgeable or properly secured to the surface. You may consider setting funds aside to have professional roofers walk it every few months.

What Sealant Does it Have?

The structure will need a sealant if it doesn't yet have one. Proper sealants will block both water and sun rays from affecting the surface much.

How Much Snow is Planned for the Winter?

If your roof is in California, it's unlikely you'll ever have to worry about the snow that will accumulate on the structure. However, if you're somewhere that will see inches or feet of snow, understand how risky that is for a simple flat surface. Unlike home roofs, gravity is unhelpful for drainage. A snow plan is needed.

Many owners will use electric cables that heat the structure. Timers can permit automated warming so you don't even have to be involved. Heat will keep accumulation very low and the roof can stay strong.

Protection is possible by asking and answering flat roof questions. Cooperative roofing contractors know which questions will lead to effective protection of your structure.


18 July 2018

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