4 Roof Maintenance Tips To Help Prepare For Stormy Weather And Light Repairs


Light roofing repairs are often needed to prevent excessive wear and water damage to the roof structure. During the summer and fall months, storms may be more of a risk and you want to ensure you are prepared. This means that maintenance will need to be done and you will need materials to prepare your home and your roof for stormy weather. Here are some tips to help prepare your roof for stormy weather before the summer rains arrive.

1. Keeping The Roof Clean And Free Of Debris

Wear of shingles often starts with dirt and debris that collects on the roof. Keep your roof clean to reduce wear from debris. During certain times of the year, your roof may need to have cleaning maintenance done more often, such as during the fall months when debris falls from trees. Remove leaves and other debris from your roof regularly to reduce shingle wear and ensure your roof lasts longer. Occasionally, you may want to clean the roof with a light detergent when you have problems like fungus, which can accelerate the shingle wear and cause you to need a roof replacement sooner.

2. Repairing Small Leaks And Other Damage

There are small leaks and damage that will need to be repaired throughout the life of your roof. If you want to prevent problems from getting worse, watch for leaks and fix the light damage as it is needed. One easy way to spot small roof leaks is to look for watermarks on the ceilings inside your home and other areas. One area where homeowners often overlook leaks is at the eaves, which can lead to more serious roof damage problems.

3. Routine Roof Inspection To Identify Wear and Damage

The best way to catch damage that needs to be repaired is to have routine roof inspections done. Contact a roofing contractor and have them inspect the condition of your roof annually to identify damage that needs repairs and wear that may mean you are ready for a roof replacement. Inspecting your roof regularly will help prevent problems from going unnoticed and serious damage being done to your home.

4. Investing In Materials For Simple Roof Repairs And Emergencies

When there is a problem with your roof or serious storm damage, you want to have the materials on hand to deal with the situation. You want to have basic roof repair materials, such as a roll of felt paper, a bundle of shingles, and roofing cement to patch holes in shingles. In addition to materials needed for repairs, you will also want to have roof tarps to cover the roof and prevent water damage in the case of serious storm damage.

These are some tips to prepare your roof for stormy weather before the summer rains arrive. If your roof has been damaged during summer storms, contact a roofing service for help with inspecting your roof and repairing the damage.    


26 June 2018

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