What to Know About Your Roof & Handling Extreme Heat


Summertime can be a great time of the year for your family. You can have plenty of fun out in the sun, running in the grass and swimming in the pool. The ice cream truck driving down the street brings a refreshing treat and gets the kids more excited. While you and your family are having a fantastic time enjoying those hot months, your roof can be up there, on top of your house, cursing at you. There is a lot of damage that the extreme temps can cause to your roof and you want to make sure you know what those damages are that you want to watch for. This article will go over them, so you know what it is that you need to watch for with your roof and what you can do to prevent some problems along the way.

What you should know about hot days followed by cool nights

It may actually be better for you to live in an area where you are dealing with hot days and warm nights than if you live in an area where you deal with very hot days and then very cool nights. The reason for this is the roof will do a good amount of expanding and contracting when those temperatures drastically chance from one to another during the days and nights. Over time, all this expansion can cause the roof to suffer damage such as splintering and splitting. Therefore, if you know you are dealing with this type of weather, you want to make sure to keep an eye out for these damages, so you can get them repaired right away.

What you should know about your roof creating more heat

One thing you need to understand about your roof is it will just about double the temperature of the heat outside. This means if the temperature outside is 90, then the roof can get to be as hot as 180 degrees. Those kinds of temperatures can cause your roof to suffer such damages as shingles that start to curl and crack, then peel completely away from the roof and need to be replaced. These temps can also lead to other types of damages, such as bumps and other types of disfigurements that you will want to have repaired.

What these temperatures do to the inside of your house

When your roof takes the heat and magnifies it the way it does, this can cause a lot of heat to pour into the attic and eventually make its way into the inside of your house which you will more than likely be trying to cool at the same time. This is why it's important for you to make sure that you have your attic properly insulated before those hot summer months show up.

What you should know about discolored shingles

Those rays shining down all day on your roof can cause the shingles to lose their color. As things get to the point where the shingles start to look less bright they will also start to become brittle and get closer to experiencing the types of damages already mentioned above. Therefore, as soon as you start to notice changes in the color of your roof, you should call services such as Three Rivers Roofing to help you take care of it, so you can prevent further damage.


7 June 2018

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