3 Ways To Prevent Ice Dams


Ice dams can damage your roof. They can cause problems with your shingles and let moisture get in under the shingles and leak into your house. If they are something that you are worried about, then you want to make sure that you take precautions. 

Heat Cables

Heat cables are one way that you can help to prevent ice dams. You can place them in lines up and down your entire roof, which will help melt the snow and ice, or you can just place them along the edges by the eaves, which will allow any melt water to easily escape down the edges of the roof. Heat cables may also help with large icicles which could also cause damage to your roof. 


Ideally, the easiest way to keep your roof from forming ice dams is to make sure that the roof is all the same temperature, and that temperature should be cold. To do that, you want to make sure that heat stays in your house and doesn't rise through the roof. Since heat likes to rise, you need to block that from happening. You can do that by adding more insulation to your attic floor and to the bottom of your roof. If you have already laid a floor or have sheathing in those areas, you don't have to pull everything apart in order to get the insulation in. You can use blown insulation. To install blown insulation, all you need are some holes drilled in the area you want the insulation. A hose is them placed in those holes and some shredded insulation is blown into the spaces and will fill up any empty spaces. 

Roof Rake

Just like you would shovel off your steps and sidewalks to get rid of all that snow and to help prevent ice from forming, you can do the same with your roof. Since most people can't generally climb up on their roof with a shovel, there are easier and safer ways to get all that snow off. One is to use a tool called a roof rake. Generally, the roof rake is on a telescoping handle so that you can reach up as high as possible to get the snow off. The rake is usually just a long, rectangular piece of plastic attached and braced at one end that you can use to start pulling the snow off with. An added benefit is that if you have a lot of snow, the weight of it can also damage your roof, so getting rid of that is getting rid of two birds with one stone. 

If you are worried about your roof, keeping ice dams from forming will keep it from being damaged. Contact a company like Ray's Accurate Roofing for more tips.


22 February 2017

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