Why You Should Leave Slate Installation To The Professionals


If a section of your slate roof is broken, think twice before installing the replacement slates without the input of a roofing contractor.  Trying to install the slates on your own can lead to several mistakes, such as these four:

Choosing the Wrong Slates

If you are installing the slates on your own, then it's almost certain that you will be buying them on your own. Unfortunately, this is where the mistakes might start. For example, you may buy slates that fade fast, crack easily or have great color variations. Low-quality slates will lead to low-quality roofing.

Using the Wrong Tools

As a DIY roofer, it's possible that you don't have the right tools for the job since you don't install slates every day. For example, do you have the slate cutter for cutting down slates into desired shapes and sizes? What about the slate ripper for removing existing slates or poorly-installed slates? Apart from these tools that are specifically designed for slates, you will also need other general roofing tools and equipment, such as scaffolding and ladder hooks (for hooking ladders on roof edges).

Using the Wrong Overlaps

Even if you have the right materials and tools, installing the slates on the roof will still not be easy to a novice roofer. For example, you can end up using the wrong headlaps and sidelaps, which may necessitate ripping off the slates and installing them again. The headlap is the overlap between one course of slate and the course above it; the sidelap is the lateral equivalent of the headlap. Getting either of these issues wrong may lead to a weak roof or even roof leakage, and the solution is the reinstallation of the slates.

Making Nailing Mistakes

You can also make a mistake with something as "simple" as nailing of the slates. For example, you can drive a nail too far into the slate (what professionals refer to as overnailing), which may allow the slate to slide or hang onto the roof with just a single nail, making it weak. At the other end of the scale, you can also undernail a slate by not driving the nail far enough into the slate.

These are just a few examples of the mistakes you can make as a DIY slate installer. The installation of slate is a complicated affair, and the mistakes can be costly. Using a professional roofing contractor can help you avoid all these and other mistakes.


23 August 2016

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