Learn How To Remove Moss From Your Roof Quickly And Easily


If you have recently bought a home that has moss growing on the roof, you need to address the problem right away. Moss growing on a roof can cause major damage because seeds of other plants can become trapped in it and start to take root. When that happens, it can cause significant damage to your shingles and your gutters. The guide below walks you through an easy way to get rid of moss growing on your roof.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Clean

The first thing you need to do is to climb on a ladder and check to see if your gutters are cleaned out. If they are not, the easiest way to clean them out is to simply throw on a pair of work gloves and pull the sludge, leaves, and debris out of the gutters one handful at a time. Throw the debris onto the ground to clean up later. If you try to put the debris into a lawn back while you are on the ladder, you could lose your footing and fall over. You want to clean out the gutters so that the moss can easily be washed down the gutters after you remove it from the room rather than you having to collect it all and take it down by hand.

Remove the Moss from the Shingles

Use a paint scraper to carefully scrape the moss from the shingles. Be sure to start at the top of each shingle and work your way down to the bottom to ensure that you do not accidentally pull up any of the shingles as you try to remove the moss. Once all of the moss is removed, push it down into the gutter. Climb up the ladder with the garden hose and flush all of the moss down the gutter starting at the end that is furthest away from the downspout.

Treat the Shingles to Prevent Regrowth

Visit a home improvement store and purchase a bottle of zinc chloride solution. Add one part zinc chloride to nine parts water in a bucket to create the mixture needed to keep the moss from growing back in the future. Put on protective gloves and use a sponge to apply the solution to all of your shingles.

Once the solution has been applied to the roof, it will kill any moss that is left behind and prevent any spores from growing in the future. If you feel that you cannot remove the mold on your own, hire a professional roofer to take care of the problem as soon as possible so that you can have as little damage done to your roof as possible. For assistance, talk to a professional like http://www.stevensroofingcorp.com.


16 August 2016

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