3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing Roofing For An Eastlake Victorian


Eastlake Victorian homes are a subset of Queen Anne that stands apart due to the intricate, lace-inspired ornamentation on the eaves and spindles. The Eastlake Victorian has a classically asymmetrical shape with bay windows, turrets, and a roof comprised of multiple connected gables.

The ornamentation and roof style of the Eastlake Victorian can help you decide on a roofing material if repairs or restoration becomes necessary. Here are a few matters to discuss with your roofing contractors.

Does Your Roof Experience Frequent, Direct Wind?

Gable roofs have steep sides that can accelerate oncoming wind and potentially damage lightweight roofing materials. An Eastlake Victorian home often has gable roofs on a few sides of the house so the wind has more directions to cause potential damage.

If your roof takes on frequent direct winds on any side, or multiple sides, you may want to avoid using a light roofing material like asphalt. Repeated wind could loosen, damage, or remove the asphalt shingles.

Do you have close neighbors on all sides or some other type of windbreak that makes the oncoming wind minimal? You can likely use asphalt shingles without worry of wind damage.

Do Your Gables Form Valleys that Fail to Drain Properly?

Gable roofs have two steep sides that excel at shedding off falling rainwater or melting snow. The multiple gables on an Eastlake Victorian can overlap in such a way that the gables also form valleys between the different roof segments. Those valleys can have more difficulty in draining off rain or snow.

Does your roof have a history of poor drainage in the valleys? Ask your roofing contractor about utilizing metal roofing. While you can use metal as the primary roofing material, small strips called flashing might prove more practical for an Eastlake Victorian. Your roofers can install the flashing only in the valleys to help redirect the water then install the main roofing material over the edges of the flashing to mostly hide its existence.

Do You Want to Match the Eastlake Ornamentation Material? 

The often wood-crafted ornamentation on an Eastlake makes the home stand apart from every other style of Victorian. Highlight the ornamentation further by using a coordinating roofing material via wooden shingles or shakes.

Wooden shingles and shakes both come from cedar trees and arrive in a variety of stain colors with a weatherproofing material on top. The shingles come cut in a more compressed fashion that leaves the material a bit flatter though still more textured than something like slate. The shingles are also installed in an overlapping pattern that adds even more dimension.

Shakes come cut at a thicker angle that preserves more of the wood's natural texture. The shakes are a great choice if you want a rustic look or hope to add the maximum texture and dimension to the gable roofs. Contact a company like B & B Roofing for more information.  


15 July 2016

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