The Benefits Of Asphalt And Concrete Roofs


Replacing your old roof can be an exciting experience, but you need to make sure that you pick a material that is perfect for you. To help you out with that, here are some of the key facts that you should know about two of the most common roofing materials: asphalt and concrete.


For a variety of reasons, asphalt is the most common roofing material in residential areas. It blends great value, low stress on the homeowner, and great range in the number of colors that you can choose from.

  • As far as value is concerned, asphalt is both incredibly affordable in the short term and a very good deal in the long term. Asphalt shingles cost between $1 and $4 per square foot, whereas other materials can easily run up to $10 for the same amount of material. When combined with the fact that asphalt can last 20-30 years, you get a value that is very hard to beat.

  • With other materials that can last over a century and cost a ton upfront, you have to worry about keeping your roof in pristine condition. Any damage can force you to repair and replace the roof, which can end up costing you huge amounts of money. Since asphalt is only designed to last a couple of decades, you don't need to feel the same level of stress.

  • Finally, asphalt can let you choose from a huge number of colors. While fancier materials might be mostly limited to a single color (like red for clay and dark tones for slate), asphalt is available in most colors.


If you want something that is a little heavier and stronger than asphalt, then you can get concrete. Concrete's weight can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, with the value of concrete being similar to that of asphalt.

  • On the plus side, the high weight of concrete means that it won't get blown around when it gets windy. While lighter materials might get displaced and potentially even cause damage as they fall, concrete roofs are practically invulnerable to all but the most furious of winds.

  • On the other hand, concrete is difficult to actually move and get onto your roof due to its weight. If you are planning on installing it yourself, then you should make absolutely certain that you can handle the weights involved, especially when it comes to moving the concrete up to your roof. If you are hiring contractors, then expect to pay a bit more for the difficulties associating with working with a heavy material.  

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3 May 2016

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One thing I never realized about roofing is what a difference it can make in the appearance of a home. The roofing on my home was more than 20 years old before we got around to replacing it. As we were working with our roofing contractor to choose the materials that we wanted to use, I learned quite a bit about the many, many options that we had to consider. Our blog will show you several of the options and provide you with facts about each type of material that you can use. Hopefully, what we have included here will help you choose the roofing that will look and perform the best on your home.