5 Steps To Make Your Home Exterior Evoke A Cozy Cottage


If you love the look of the charming cottages that line the seaside or dot the English countryside, you're not alone. Many people adore the look of these storybook abodes. Whether you are building a new home, or you just want to update the exterior of your drab ranch or Cape Cod, here are five ideas to help you achieve the look you want.

Update The Windows

Your home will have more of a cottage look if the windows sport muntins. These are thin horizontal and vertical strips that divide the window pane, making it appear as though each window is comprised of individual pieces. This will instantly give your home more character.

Use Shutters

Small-louvred shutters look perfect on a cottage-style exterior. Arched board and batten is another possibility. While shutters are available in lightweight composite materials, consider choosing wood for more authenticity. For even more detail, you may want to use traditional wrought iron shutter dogs, the hinges and hardware that fastens the shutters to your home.

Use Stone Wherever You Can

If you really want an authentic-looking cottage-style home, look to Cotswald for inspiration. The Cotswald is an area in the south of England that is rich in natural limestone. In addition to the cottages themselves being built of stone, they also use the limestone for building walls, garden paths, and even as roofing tiles. You can have roofers duplicate this time-honored look with highly detailed roofing slates to help create your own Cotswald cottage. You can also find roofers who have experience with a synthetic thatched roofs that looks just like the original.

Create An English Country Garden

Using traditional flowers like foxglove, lavender, and tea roses, you can recreate the divided spaces of a typical English garden. Make a sitting area with a water element for quiet reflection, a pavilion for afternoon tea, an ivy-covered archway entrance, and a limestone pathway with grassy edging connecting them all. You may also want to grow ivy or roses on the chimney.

Add A Portico

A covered entryway is perfect for adding architectural depth and detail to your home. Depending on your current house plan, you may be able to extend the portico to a full front porch, which will also provide valuable extra outdoor living space. Consider also adding a back porch that leads to the gardens if room allows. Another option is have dormers installed on the upper floor. Varying roof lines add considerably to the cottage look.


28 March 2016

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