Which Roof Is Best?


If you are planning an upgrade for your roof in the near future, then you will need to decide what type of material you want. While some materials might be perfect for your needs, others might be out of your price range or lacking in durability. To help you figure out which type of material is best for you, here are the facts about some of the most popular types: 


Metal is a great choice for your roof if you are primarily concerned about cost and longevity. A metal roof can easily last decades and is pretty cheap in terms of materials, but you will need an expert to install the roof. Metal roofs are extremely difficult to install on your own, since they are made up of large sheets rather than individual shingles.

The biggest drawback of metal is that it doesn't really look like a traditional suburban roof. If you really want that classic aesthetic, then you will need to look elsewhere. You also need to be very vigilant about the insulation beneath a metal roof, since metal is a notoriously poor insulator. Without sufficient insulation, a metal roof is going to heat your home up during the summer and cool it down during winter.


Clay roof are quite a bit more expensive than other options, but that's the price you pay for a timeless aesthetic and a nearly timeless lifespan. With clay, you probably won't need to replace your roof for decades as long as a natural disaster doesn't hit your town. The reddish-brown tint of clay is often extremely attractive for many homeowners, which means that you will be able to fetch a good price if you ever plan on selling your home.


Concrete is cheaper than clay, but offers a similar level of strength. If you want a durable and protected roof, then concrete tiles are a great choice.

On the other hand, concrete does tend to be quite a bit heavier than most other roofing materials. You want to make sure that your home has sufficient support before installing a heavy concrete roof.


Finally, you could consider getting a cedar wood roof, which is completely unique in aesthetic and atmosphere. If you want a rustic or rural home that embraces nature, then a wood roof is just about the best thing that you can buy.

Unfortunately, wood also needs more maintenance than other options and will likely cost you quite a bit in the long run. You will also need to make sure that the wood is properly treated, since wood can warp and rot quickly if left untreated.

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9 March 2016

choosing roofing that is beautiful and durable

One thing I never realized about roofing is what a difference it can make in the appearance of a home. The roofing on my home was more than 20 years old before we got around to replacing it. As we were working with our roofing contractor to choose the materials that we wanted to use, I learned quite a bit about the many, many options that we had to consider. Our blog will show you several of the options and provide you with facts about each type of material that you can use. Hopefully, what we have included here will help you choose the roofing that will look and perform the best on your home.