Watch Out Below! Ways To Prevent Injuries When Shingling Your Roof


It may seem easy enough, but there are many hazards and risks when you choose to shingle or re-shingle your own roof. It makes most sense to call a roofing contractor to remove any risk of injury that roofing tasks present; play it safe when it comes to messing around on the roof of your home.

Some wise words regarding ways to stay safe when shingling include:

Work in spurts. The position that you hold your body when shingling is awkward, and it will make leg muscles fall asleep rather quickly. Upon standing, this numbness can cause you to stumble and even fall off the roof. Work in short spurts, which keeps the blood circulating in your legs and prevents subsequent numbness and tingling in your legs.

Pull up a seat. A more practical alternative to the squat position used when shingling is to devise a roofing seat. This is typically a little bench that perches over the pitch of your roof and that allows you to sit comfortably, close to the shingling surface. These can be easily constructed using scrap wood, or you may buy a variation at any home improvement retail venue.

Watch where you lean your ladder. Be especially vigilant when it comes to ladder safety; carry carefully and never assume that a low-hanging power line is safe to touch. Also, avoid propping your ladder against the rain gutters of the home. This is a recipe for property damage and a nasty fall.

Don't go it alone. Never start shingling when nobody else is home. If you do get stuck in a bind, there will be no one around to hear your pleas for assistance.

Roll up your tools. Avoid stretching and reaching for your tools up on a pitched roof by rolling them up in a big sheet of foam matting. This keeps tools from slipping and sliding on the pitch and will prevent you from extending too far and possibly falling.

Walk lightly and as little as possible. The less you walk around on your roof, the safer you will be. Keep crossings to a minimum, as this added pressure can also cause many shingled roofs to leak over time.

When you decide to shingle your roof, be safe while doing it. Consider the costs of a contractor as opposed to the time, labor, and materials that you will need to complete the task yourself. If you do find yourself up on your rooftop shingling this season, pay heed to safety and keep these tactics in mind. For more information, contact a company like Alpen Roofing.


9 March 2016

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