3 Rules For Maintaining A Metal Roof


Metal roofing provides you with a long-lasting, fire-resistant option. While it is very durable, you still need to maintain it on a regular basis. These tips will help you accomplish that.

Keep Trees and Bushes Trimmed

While metal roofs can handle a lot of different climates and conditions, they can also get scratched and damaged by something as simple as a tree branch hitting them continuously. To protect the metal shingles or tiles on your roof, use shears and saws on these branches. You don't want any limbs to hit your roof every time there is a strong wind or rainstorm. You should also keep tree branches away from your home as the leaves and twigs might fall onto the roof, creating a buildup of debris that will clog the gutters. If your roof is damaged by tree branches, talk with a professional, like Kelley Roofing, for more tips.

Clean the Roof Often

Even if you keep the trees trimmed and away from your home, you might still end up with some debris that accumulates on the roof. It is important that you clean it on a regular basis. Go up on your roof to sweep away the debris, or use a long-handled roofing broom from the ground or short ladder so you don't have to put yourself in a dangerous situation. Get rid of any dirt and dust buildup, leaves, and twigs. You may also need to wash the metal surface of your roof, removing tree sap and buildup left behind from the last big storm you had. Metal roofs can usually handle a power washer when on its low setting, which is very useful at cleaning the roof's surface. However, inspect it for crack or holes to be sure no water gets inside your home when you are washing it. 

Pay Attention to Rust

One thing that metal is prone to is rust. This can occur over time or due to excess moisture and rain on the roof. You need to keep an eye on your roof in order to look for signs of rust right away and have it repaired. You'll need to sand down the rust and scrub it away with a wire brush. Applying a rust inhibitor is often recommended for certain types of metal, such as steel, in order to reduce this problem. Once an inhibitor is applied, then you can patch any holes with roofing mesh and roofing cement. Repairing shingles or tiles with rust on them is essential so you don't end up with a major hole and leak inside your home. Contact a roofing contractor if you find rust anywhere on your roof so the proper repairs can be done.


8 March 2016

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