Use These Tips To Find Out Why Your Roof Is Leaking


When your roof has a leak, it not only causes damage to your roofing materials, but to the walls and flooring inside your home as well. It is important that you find the leak as soon as possible and work to repair its source. Here are some tips for finding out why your roof is leaking.

Look For Alternative Reasons For the Leak

While finding water damage on the walls or small puddles of water on the floor of your home is often from a roof leak, there are also some other reasons this could be happening. Before you start trying to figure out what part of your roof is damaged and leading to the leak, make sure it is not caused by anything else. For example, the water in your home might be from a plumbing issue or from condensation from your HVAC system. It could also be from your roof drains as opposed to a traditional roofing leak.

Check the Attic for Signs of Water

Now that you have ruled out other possible causes for the leak, it is time to start figuring out exactly where the leak is coming from. A good way to start looking is by checking your attic if your home has one. This is often where leaks are most prevalent since it is directly underneath your roof. Head up to your attic with a flashlight and look for signs of a leak. You want to find water or water damage in the attic in order to find the main location of the leak. When you find a puddle of water, use your flashlight to look up at the roof of the attic and determine the approximate location. It helps to take measurements of the location so that when you go onto the roof, it is easier to find. Another option is to have one person stay in the attic and point the flashlight up through any holes or cracks you find, then go up to the roof and look for that light.

Inspect the Roofing System Thoroughly

You are now ready to go up to the roof and find the source of the leak. Use your measurements to locate the leak, or go to the approximate area of the roof where you believe it is coming from. There will be more inspections required if you don't have an attic or couldn't find the leak inside your attic. You want to check all roofing materials, looking for signs of holes or cracks in the materials themselves. Also check flashings, gutters, and vents, as these might also have damage that is leading to the leak.

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3 March 2016

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