4 Alternatives To Cedar Shake Roofing Material


Cedar shake roofing is one material that can look beautiful on a home, which is what may have caused you to be interested in the material. Were you aware that the look of shake roofing is not limited to using cedar? Shake roofing material also comes in other specifics of wood, such as elm, poplar, and oak. They can offer a look that is different for your home that you may not be aware of. Consider these 4 alternatives to using cedar shakes for your home.

Oak Shakes

Oak is a great alternative to cedar because the material is very durable. While cedar shake material lasts for about 30 years, oak can last around 75 years. Since the material is long lasting, it can also cost more than comparable wood shake materials, which turns homeowners away from using oak.

Go with oak when you want the look of a natural wood roofing, but want the material to last for your entire lifetime. It is a great investment that will pay for itself when it comes time to sell your home.

Poplar Shakes

Poplar can give a home quite a different look, since the material has clean grains with some green hues in it. Aside from the color, the material is easy to repair and work with. The cost is higher than cedar shake material, but not quite as expensive as oak. As you may expect, the longevity of poplar shakes will fall between the two materials as well.

Pine Shakes

The main benefit of pine shakes is that the material is pressure-treated, which will help it resist mold while also being fire-retardant. This makes pine shakes a viable roofing material if you are in a climate that is very dry.

Pressure treating the wood also helps with the material's longevity, with it being common to see warranties on the material for 30 years because of this. It helps protect the material against termites, rot, and decay that can occur to natural wood roofing material.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood often comes from barns, factories, and various structures that are being torn down. Thankfully, this wood can be recycled, which makes it a great option for roofing material. It can open up new options with wood species are that not available anymore. As long as you have a barrier installed behind the material that protects the roof deck, it can be used on your home to give it a unique look.

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3 March 2016

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