Exploring Warning Signs That Your Gutters Need Attention


When was the last time you had a roofer come out and do any repair work on your gutters?  Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners tend to forget about or overlook their gutters until they are noticeably clogged, sagging, falling off the roof, or have a large crack. As a homeowner, it is in your best interest to be aware of some of the warning signs that your gutters need attention.

Cracking Up

Other than being visually unappealing, small cracks on your gutters might not seem like a huge issue. Unfortunately, cracks will get bigger with time if they are left unattended. Every time it rains, water will continue to force its way through the cracks and eventually make them worse.

Dealing with Peeling

The paint on your actual gutter was designed to be able to withstand the wear and tear of the various seasons. Unless the gutters on your home are extremely old, the paint should not be peeling or cracking. When this happens, it is an early sign that water is present on a continuous basis and the gutters are starting to rust. This could suggest that the water is not being removed properly or there is a crack somewhere in the gutters.

Unfortunately, malfunctioning gutters can ruin the exterior paint on your home as well. Check the siding of your home for any bubbling or peeling paint. If you find a section that has been compromised, you need to check the gutter near the section of paint. If you only have a few small sections of compromised paint, you may be able to get away with repairing the gutters. If, however, you have a lot of paint damage, you need to think about having the gutters replaced instead.

Water, Water, and More Water

The purpose of water is to help the water off the roof and away from the foundation. For this reason, you should never find pools of water lingering on the roof or near the home's foundation. Finding pools of water is a warning sign that your gutters are not working properly. The problem could be as simple as the gutters are clogged and need to be cleaned or it could be as complicated as a part is defective and needs to be replaced.

Periodically, you should make sure you check the underside of your gutters for water damage. If find any cracks, rust, fades, marks, or other signs of water damage on the underside of your gutters, they will need to be repaired. Water should never be escaping from the underside of the gutters. Contact a business, such as the Dome Construction Company, for more information.   


29 February 2016

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