Protecting Your Roof Top From Damage Due To Inclement Weather


If you own your own home, you are most likely aware of the importance in taking care of your rooftop so it is less prone to leaking. Stormy weather has a huge impact on the condition of your roof. Here are some tips you can use to keep your roof intact when inclement weather is expected to or has already hit your location.

Pay Attention To Reports

To help minimize the chance of roof leakage, knowing when a storm is about to hit can be extremely helpful. Many people are caught off-guard if they do not pay attention to weather reports for their area. If you take the time to tune into a weather forecast on your television or log into a weather-based webpage each day, you will be able to make preparations in advance of inclement weather.

Do Routine Spot Checks

Make it a point to get up on your rooftop every few months to do an inspection of its condition. If you are unable to do this yourself, hire a reputable roofing company to evaluate your roof's structural integrity. The shingles should be checked for any signs of wear and replaced if necessary. Any crumbling caulk along fixtures such as chimneys or skylights should be scraped away and replaced with fresh product. Flashing with rust can be removed and replaced as well.

Evaluate Damage Afterward

As soon as a storm ends, check your rooftop to see what condition it appears to be in. Remove any snowfall using a roof rake to reduce some of the weight on top of your home. This will help melt snow and ice quicker when sunlight is present. If there are tree branches, limbs, or leaves on top of the roof, remove them promptly. Leaving debris on a roof can lead to problems later as water will pool up around these items. This will disintegrate the shingles underneath, possibly leading to moisture in the home.

Tend To Leaks Promptly

As soon as a leak is noticed within the home, take action by getting on your rooftop to search for the water's point of entry. A roofing company can also be hired to do this if necessary. It may take a bit of detective work to find the exact area where water is penetrating through. This can be discovered by using a garden hose to saturate a portion of the roof. A friend can watch the ceiling from inside your home to see if water leaks inside. If not, move the hose to another area of the roof and repeat. Eventually leakage will be noticed, helping to pinpoint the area needing repair on the opposite side. Contact roofing companies in your area for more information.


22 February 2016

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