A Roof Made From Wood? It Works Better Than You'd Think!


When you think of roof materials, wood might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Many people think of wood as brittle, a fire hazard, prone to rot, and simply not sturdy enough for a roof. While this might be true of some woods, it's not true of cedar. Strong, hardy cedar is regularly used as a roofing material, and it offers some pretty distinct advantages.

It's eco-friendly.

So many roofing materials result in pollution or waste generation at some point in the manufacturing, use, or disposal process. Asphalt shingles are manufactured using petroleum products. Metal must be mined, which is not the most earth-friendly of practices. Cedar shakes or shingles, however, are made from a completely renewable resource. More trees can always be planted. When they wear out and are removed from the roof, they will naturally decompose, rather than seeping toxins into a landfill.

Cedar roofing looks rustic and attractive.

If you have a cabin or cottage-style home, an asphalt or metal roof will look pretty out of place. Craftsman homes, which are built using natural materials, also look a bit disjointed when capped with a perfectly manufactured roof. Cedar shakes or shingles, in contrast, have a very natural look that matches other rustic architecture.

Cedar is resistant to storms.

High winds can catch under the edge of large metal roofing panels, peeling them back. Hail and heavy rain can cause tile roofs to crack, and asphalt shingles are often dislodged by heavy winds and driving rain. Cedar, however, does an excellent job of standing up to storms. The shakes are heavy enough to stay put in the roof when high winds come up, and they resist splitting when hit with hail.

Cedar is a good insulator.

A lot of a home's heat is lost through the roof. The better insulated your roof, the lower your heating (and cooling) bills will be. Cedar is a very good insulator, thanks in part to its thickness and in part to the low conductivity of wood. This means you may not have to spend as much on attic insulation or heating as you would with a more poorly insulated roof.

Unlike many other woods, cedar is also naturally resistant to rot, and insects like termites and wood bees find it unappealing due to its strongly scented oils. To learn more about making cedar your chosen material for a new roof, speak with a qualified roofing contractor in your area.


21 February 2016

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