Why Metal Roofing Makes Sense For Your Barn


Providing your horses with shelter is an important part of giving your four-legged friends the protection they need to stay safe and healthy. When it comes to constructing a barn on your property, investing in metal roofing can be beneficial. 

Here are three reasons why metal roofing makes the most sense for your barn.

1. Metal roofing can help protect your horses from fire.

Fire is one of the most devastating disasters a horse can face. Some of the effects fire can have on horses include burns, lacerations, and allergies caused by smoke inhalation. Since your animals are unable to let themselves out of their stalls to escape a barn fire, taking precautions to prevent these fires can be beneficial.

Metal roofing materials are considered Class A, B, and C rated when it comes to fire resistance. This means that they have the ability to prevent the spread of fire in the event a blaze breaks out in the vicinity of your barn.

2. Metal roofing can keep the temperature in your barn comfortable.

Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your barn is essential when it comes to ensuring the comfort of your horses. The optimal temperature range for a horse tends to be on the cooler side, with temperatures between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit being ideal for most barns. 

Installing a metal roof on your barn makes it easier to maintain optimal temperatures indoors without breaking the bank. Metal roofs reflect the sun's rays rather than absorbing them, preventing heat from leaking into your barn. Choose to keep your horses comfortable (and save some money on your monthly utility costs) by choosing a metal roof for your barn

3. Metal roofing is durable, reducing the cost of maintaining your barn.

Keeping a barn in working condition can be costly. If you want to cut maintenance costs in the future, installing a metal roof could be the answer. In terms of longevity, a metal roof can last two to three times longer than roofing systems made from competing materials (asphalt, clay, etc.).

By opting to invest in a metal roof (such as those provided by US Roofing), you will reduce the number of times you must replace your barn's roof in the future. This will help make your barn more affordable to maintain over time.

Metal roofing is a viable option when it comes to constructing a barn. Metal roofing materials have the ability to protect your horses from fire, lower the cost of maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your barn, and outlast competing materials to reduce future maintenance costs.


19 February 2016

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