3 Tips For Picking The Perfect Shingle Color


Gone are the days when everyone just went with black shingles and never gave the color of their roof a second thought! Now, shingles come in hundreds of different shades, from classic black to bright blue. This can make deciding on the right color a real challenge. With these three tips, however, you'll have an easier time choosing the shingle color that's right for your home and preferences.

Drive around and look at houses similar to yours.

This will help you narrow down your choices more easily than combing through book after book of shingle colors. Look for homes that are similar to your own, and make note of what color shingles they have. Note what you like and also what you don't like. If there is a particular color you were thinking of but you don't see it on any homes similar to yours, there might be a reason for that. For instance, if you have a brick house and were thinking of getting green shingles, but you don't see any brick houses with green shingles, that might be because the combination does not look appealing to most people. This is usually a sign you should consider other color choices.

Always ask for a real sample from the manufacturer.

The way a color looks online or in a printed advertisement may not be exactly accurate, thanks to differences in the ways printers and computers interpret and produce colors. Once you have narrowed down your color choices to a few that look promising, always request an actual shingle sample from the manufacturer. This way, you know you're comparing the true colors rather than vague representations of those colors. You don't want to find out at the last minute that the medium-beige shingle you loved online is actually quite dark in real life.

Look at colors you're considering in bright and dim light.

Most shingles have several different shades of granules within them. Depending on the brightness of the light, different shades might be emphasized. A certain shingle color might look really nice in bright light, but bland in dim light – or vice versa. For this reason, it's important to look at any colors you're considering in both bright and dim light. Try leaving your shingle samples outside near the side of your home, and stepping outside to take a look at them at various points throughout the day.

If you're having trouble choosing between several shingle colors that you like, don't be afraid to ask a roofing contractor like Luecke's Roofing LLC for their opinion. Having put roofs on many homes, they tend to have a pretty good sense of what colors work best for certain homes and scenarios.


19 February 2016

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